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Предохранительное Уплотнение, используемое в упаковке предметов

February 2, 2018

Предохранительное Уплотнение, используемое в упаковке предметов

  1. X-Safe 48 мм х 45 m Total Transfer Security Tape

The X-Safe total transfer security tape has a similar look with the regular packaging tape but is voided whenever it is peeled off. The tape not only voids itself for the prevention of reusing but a second layer having a void message stays on the carton as a form of evidence that it had been tampered with.

In every 150 mm length of the tape, there is a perforation to make cutting easy to achieve since the tapes are in a continuous roll form.

There are various applications of this total transfer security tape which include pallet wrapping, carton boxes, and satchels.


  1. Every perforated segment is uniquely numbered.
  2. There are perforations at every 150 mm to make it easy to cut.
  3. The tapes are reeled on itself.

Adhesive Type: What is used here is total transfer – this is when the void message on the adhesive layer is found on the surface showing evidence of the package being tampered with. This layer can be cleaned off some surfaces so the sealed object can be reused. Также, the security label is for the purpose of preventing reuse of the label. If a void message is left on the surface, the recipients would know that the package was definitely tampered with.

  1. Security Void Stickers

Security void sticker is used in different types of industries for branding and security purposes and such include hologram stickers. These security void stickers are tampered evident and self-adhesive and are used on different substrates for protecting, securing and authenticating various items. If anyone tampers with any of the items, it would definitely be obvious because the stickers aren’t removable without getting destroyed. Hologram stickers are made from the use of the latest technology which makes them a form of security void sticker that cannot be replicated or duplicated. These stickers can be customized as design hologram stickers coming in different sizes having a company’s logo, имя, and others. When it comes to brand authentication and brand promotion, hologram labels are the best bet and due to the holographic technology which is in label form, the sticker can be used on any commodity or product. Holograms aren’t difficult to apply; it’s all about removing and pasting. There are several ranges of security void stickers used for various purposes in security and branding of which they are tamper evident and self-adhesive. They are used on different types of substrates for authenticating, securing and protecting items.


  1. Security Tamper Evident Tape

This tamper evident seal tape is used on various surfaces which include plastic, металл, glass, paper and various other materials. The application of the security tamper evident tape is used in areas such as forensic intelligence investigation, logistics monitoring, medical packaging seals, banking and aviation security, electronic goods protection, a wide range of plastic and paper bags, cartons, boxes, и т.д. There are customized designs of this tamper evident seal tape to meet the requirements of customers who purchase it.

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