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Verpackung für Flugzeuge

December 16, 2017

Steb Taschen

There are new restrictions for transporting LAG’s (Flüssigkeiten, Aerosol, und Gele), die durch Passagiere von Duty-Free-Shops gekauft, nachdem sie durch die Sicherheit oder die auf das Flugzeug bestanden haben müssen, bevor sie in einem Sicherheits Tamper Evident Tasche platziert (oder einfach steb Taschen) zur sicheren Aufbewahrung.

Steb bags are manufactured by several companies and they make sure they comply with the specifications of a particular tamper evident security bag which was specially designed laid out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

There are several sizes of steb bags:

Klein - 230 x 430 Millimeter (50 micron koextrudierten Polyethylen)

Mittel - 300 x 625 Millimeter (which includes handle) (70 microns coextruded polyethylene)

Large - 470 x 625 Millimeter (also includes handle) (100 microns coextruded polyethylene)


  1. The 3 letter code of the country or airport must appear.
  2. The name of the manufacturer must be shown on the bags.
  3. Airport information that is printed on the steb bags is to indicate the bag’s place of purchase.
  4. Steb bags are sequentially numbered.


Duty Free Bag

The duty free bag is another packaging material used for transporting items such as liquid and others from one country to the other. For the duty free bag to be used it needs to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements. Using the duty free bag speeds up security process at airport checkpoint since it is ICAO certified.

Duty free bags are manufactured according to the standards of the ICAO and comply with all the requirements. This has led to these bags been widely used at many international airports and duty free shops. They come in various designs and sizes and can also be customized in design and size for customer satisfaction


  1. The duty free bag has the ICAO logo printed on it.
  2. Comprises of an extra strong duty polymer and a 3 layer non-slip co-extrusion material.
  3. If the security tape is tampered with, a hidden message withVOIDshows up.
  4. It has a handle and reinforces patch.
  5. It has an internal transparent pocket display receipt.
  6. There is a unique serial number and barcode for the purposes of tracking and tracing.
  7. There are wide inset seals which are for the purpose of the highest level of tamper evidence.


Airport Bag

This is another duty free tamper evidence bag made by companies listed under the International Civil Aviation Organization providing tamper evidence bags for duty free shops and international airports. All requirements and specifications from ICAO are observed. The airport bag was designed to secure LAGs (Flüssigkeiten, aerosols, and gels) that are purchased at the airport or duty free shops.


  1. The airport bag is made of transparent co-ex film which has good resistance to water, oil, and rough handling.
  2. The airport bag can be recycled and is made from environmental-friendly materials.
  3. It has an inner pouch for carrying receipt
  4. It has a unique serial number and barcode for track and trace purposes.
  5. There is a wide in-set seal.

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