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Airbags für Schutzverpackungen

January 12, 2018

Airbags für Schutzverpackungen

Transportation protective air column bag, wine bottle protective air bag

The packaging industry has become a very big and versatile one with various forms of materials used to create packaging products like air bags.

Unten sind ein paar Airbags für Schutzverpackungen:

  1. Transport shock resistant air filled column bags

The transport shock resistant air filled column bag is a transportation protective air column bag uses foreign advanced production machinery and equipment with its whole production line implementation of automation production. The automation process is fully computer controlled so that the air column bag can be easy to be modified, easy to produce and convenient.

The transport protective shock-resistant air filled high-quality column bag is designed to protect all kinds of bottles and can be customized depending on what is desired. It is shock-resistant which makes it reliable when shipping liquid contents in bottles.


  1. Customized Type and Size LPDE Cushion Air Column Bag

This is a transportation protective air column bag is widely used in transport packaging and other areas such as liquid product, handbags, hardware products, household electrical appliance, etc.. It has notable features like 95% economization of storage, excellent surface protection, no capital spending, easy handling, no tool costs, the packaging material is 98% air and 2% foil, UV-protection and dust protection. Other features are a pan air chamber system with perfect product coverage, reduction of packaging time, packaging costs and procurement costs.

It is used for protecting fragile products like wine bottles, electronic products (like TVs, computers, hard discs, etc.), valuables, Drogen, food, agriculture products, chemical products, cosmetics, security products, construction, clothes, courier, mining products, chemical products, etc.. It can be transported easily due to its light weight and volume which helps save shipping costs.


  1. Inflatable 750 ml Wine Bottle Air Bag

This is a wine bottle protective air bag used for packing different containers such as bottles, cans and glass materials. It is usually gassed in the column with air and when it is full, it has an inflatable function. The air bag is made of co-extrusion PA/PE material which makes it have a strong barrier against any form of puncture, cannot break even if the packaging falls down. All the columns are different from each other such that when one column of the air bag breaks, the others are not affected.

This wine bottle protective air bag is used for packing wine bottles, toner cartridges, milk cans electronic products such as iPads, iPhones, and computers.


  1. Wine Bottle Protector Inflatable Plastic PE Material Air Bag

This wine bottle protective air bag is secured and has a re-enterable valve which makes it have a double protective inflatable air bag which is what protects the items that it is used to pack. This wine bottle protective bag is versatile for packing various products protecting goods very well.

There are various reasons why people would go for this product and a few of them are because it is made from environmental and eco-friendly materials, it is very attractive, it is used for protecting and packing various items which include delicate and fragile products. Individual products packed in this air bag tend to perform better.


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