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Zhanjiang Fengqi About Us

FENGQI is a company engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of plastic packaging material such as Tamper Evident Security Bags, Packing List Envelope, Poly Mailer, Bubble Mailer and much more. Founded in the year 2005 as a manufacturer of polyethylene bags, we have developed into a multi process converter which currently focuses on specialized tamper evident security packaging.

Our company has shown its worth in this very competitive sector due to the efforts and rigorous inputs from the professionals who have contributed immensely to its growth. These people have a very vast knowledge of the market trends and scenario allowing them gets reliable link-ups with vendors for us. Also, we have some of the best-qualified quality and packaging experts, who have taken responsibility to ensure we make zero-defect products as well as safe and on-time delivery of the packaging materials.

One of our main goals is that we focus on providing customers with the best tamper proof solutions and so far we have produced several thousands of imaginative tamper evident products which have improved on safety, tamper proof security and productivity of the people, facilities, and systems all over the world.

We have an aggressive and ongoing research and development program which is to ensure that that FENGQI becomes a world leader in the packaging and security bags industry. This has led to our security packaging systems gain worldwide recognition from major banks, retailers, armored car carriers, police departments, medical institutions, casinos, and many others. Today, FENGQI is headquartered at a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility housing the industry’s largest production capacity for tamper evident security packaging.

We recently purchased new equipment to augment our leading machinery which includes an additional printing press with 8 colors printing capabilities and automated bag making machines which have brought about a drastic increment in production volume to about 600 million bags per year.

From the initial step, we take our customers by the hand regardless of what they want, be it creating and designing a new product or just generating a new look. We can authoritatively say we create products according to the specifications given by individual customers with so much emphasis on quality.

Our Vision

  • To provide the best security packaging systems for every client.
  • To create new innovation from technological advancement and providing best tamper proof solutions.

Our Strengths

The range of security packaging systems we offer is known for various reasons. They are all made from the best materials under the supervision of the best professionals in the field. Such reasons are:

  • Wide Client base
  • Prompt delivery
  • Competitive price
  • Tends and customer requirements
  • Professionals with much experience and vast knowledge of the market
  • Quality control methods that are strictly adhered to
  • Business practices that are totally ethical