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Various Accessories for Securing Documents and Packages
Publisher: this time:2017-7-10 22:19:18

Packing List Envelopes

When it comes to packing, mailing, and shipping products, you should keep records of all items included so as to avoid confusion over items received. The function of packing list envelopes is to allow documents to be shared easily with customers without it getting tossed out or crumpled, which would give you peace of mind. Therefore, the customer can use the packing list envelope to check orders and will be satisfied.


  1. Durability: When shipping to customers in various countries, the documents are less likely to get damaged due to the durability of the packing list envelope. They are made with very thick unbreakable plastic which can withstand any form harsh weather condition and hardly tears. In the case of an environment with high moisture, it is advisable to use water-resistant packing list envelopes so documents are kept dry.

  2. Makes that big statement: There are various colors, sizes, and shapes of packing list envelopes which give you plenty options to pick from. A lot of them have a lot of attention grabbing features which a recipient would even notice. To get better attention from your recipients, you can go for envelopes that have bold messages which make it obvious you are with a packing slip envelope.

  3. Strong Adhesive: Packing list envelopes have a strong and self-adhesive backing that makes items secured during shipment. You have peace of mind knowing that the envelopes are sticky and will hold the outside of any package, therefore, preventing the loss of any documents. The packing slip itself is secured inside and no one would be able to tamper with it.


Documents Enclosed Wallets

These are self-adhesive envelopes or wallets that you can use to attach invoices/delivery notes to packages, parcels or boxes. A document enclosed wallet provides a safer way for a sender to send important documents along with a package without the fear of losing them in transit or even getting damaged.  Documents enclosed wallets are transparent with the name and address of the recipient visible enough to be seen and also present is a self-adhesive peel-off backing which can be applied quickly and easily to various surfaces like glass, wood, stretch film and metal.

Benefits of using documents enclosed wallets

  • You don't need to open it to identify the contents of the package.

  • It is very durable making it resistant to punctures, tears, and rips.

  • It is very secured and professional looking. It sticks to various surface types like stretch film, plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, wood, etc making sure documents and packages being shipped get to their destination in perfect conditions.

  • The longest side of the documents enclosed wallets has openings that documents can be inserted into.

  • They are waterproof and oil resistant.

  • Various items can be attached to the outside of cartons, packaging or boxes such as instruction manuals, packing slips, invoices, delivery notes, etc.

  • It is easy to apply the self-adhesive peel off backing.

  • All you need to do is just stick the documents enclosed wallet to the outside of the packaging.


Evidence Bags

An evidence bag is a particular bag used for storing evidence and come in in paper or plastic. Generally, evidence bags are designed to be tough so that there won't be any breakage or tearing of the evidence contained inside. This is simply because evidence bags are used for various types of evidence such as knives or any other sharp object.

There are spaces on the front side of evidence bags which are for the filling of information pertaining to the evidence enclosed like where the evidence was gathered, the case to which it is related to, the point of custody, etc. Each piece of evidence has a separate evidence bag used for it. However, pieces of evidence related to each other might be kept in the same bag.


Bank Deposit Bags

Bank deposit bags come in various forms with plastic bank deposit bags being the most common due to its tamperproof nature. These bank deposit bags have a tear-off receipt lip and a lock-in security closure having a self-sealing adhesive exceeding the requirements from the bank to prevent tampering. They are also known to resist Freon and when heat is applied they melt which is also prevents tampering on the contents of the bag.

Plastic bank deposit bags have a sequential number system as well as a tear-off receipt for security measures.

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