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FENGQI PLASTIC PRODUCT CO.,LTD - China’s leading packing list envelope manufacturer
Publisher: this time:2017-1-3 16:54:01

As Chinas leading specialist manufacturer of tamper-evident security products, FENGQI is an expert in the field of tamper evidence. After months of extensive research, strategizing, planning, we have unveiled our new website and are introducing our company to our communications platform.


The desire to interact and engage with customers was the incentive behind our decision to implement such a program. As a B2B company, in the manufacturing sector, social media is not nearly as prominent of a means of communication as it is for B2C companies. One reason is that brand affinity is more easily developed with consumer products due to the personal connection that is made and the personal need that is satisfied. Another, which also stems from reason, is simply fear on the behalf of manufacturers that interest and interaction will be low. You can visit our Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Plus.google, Linkedin, Tumblr, Youtube. pages to find our current news with all of our updates. You can also find us from most of the famous B2B platform. Such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Globalsources, Tradekey, Diytrade, and so on.......We will update our product information every week. FENGQI’s mission is very straight forward. We support our customers' success by providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced security bags backed with exceptional customer services.


We believe that this is a misconception and that as long as content is relevant and interesting, customers will tune in. After all, our products are being purchased because there is an inherent need and interest in them. We see social media as an opportunity for continuous two-way communication with our customers. Keep in mind that our intention is not to pitch our products in any way but rather to provide information that is centered around asset security – the problem that FENGQI’s proven solutions address.


We stock a complete line of Security Bags that are shipped the same day as ordered. We routinely ship small as well as large orders. (Our minimum order is only 1 case of 250 Security Bags). And we do business the same way that you like to do business: direct telephone customer service, on-line ordering and shipment tracking and our newest mobile site that gives our customers quick access to reordering from any smart phone or tablet.


Decisions regarding internal theft protection can be difficult and confusing. All too often, the costs of not having a prevention program are not properly calculated. It is therefore our goal to inform, educate and entertain by developing useful content on a weekly basis.


We have also set up a Linkedin group to facilitate the sharing of information among professionals facing similar asset protection challenges. The benefit to your organization is a greater ability to make smart decisions and hopefully, the guidance needed to ensure the best possible preventative measures are in place. And don’t forget to check out our Twitterand Facebook pages to stay current with all of our updates.


On the lighter side, we’ll cover topics that are relatable among all business professionals including comical work stories or inter-office politics. We’ll also be reporting on important news at FENGQI and within our industry.


Are you handling cash or making bank deposits on a routine basis? FENGQI Bank Deposit Bag is ideal for secure bank deposits and armored car transfers. These tamper evident security bags use the time tested FENGQI Security Seal with maximum security adhesive closure. Any attempt to reopen this security bag results in a clear STOP / Void message that cannot be reversed.


Content will be delivered in various formats such as blog posts, whitepapers and videos. In effort to provide a variety of perspectives and opinions, contributors will include people within our company as well as guest bloggers.


The bottom line and desired outcome of our foray into social media is a more enjoyable and engaging experience for you – our valued customers. We also strongly encourage you to give us any suggestions you may have regarding topics you’d like covered or information you need. TWO-WAY communication is the goal! Enjoy the site!


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