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The main purpose of the packing list envelope - Fengqi Plastic Product Co., Ltd.
Publisher: this time:2017-1-22 15:01:30

In recent years the rapid development of e-commerce, the high-speed development of express industry is the largest new trend of logistics market in recent years in our country.  

According to different requirements, the different packaging, logistics, packaging is different from the sales packing as a kind of form has the ability to protect the goods, convenient storage and transportation, don't go for looks beautiful.

In the logistics back plastic bags for packaging is used. It greatly facilitate the use of the transportation industry, especially express transportation security.Paper envelope of security is not very good, but with molding plastic bags can be very good to improve the situation.When we need to send you some of the more important documents or list, use this kind of bag can be very good to protect the safety of posted items, of course, to eliminate the man-made factors.And if the back plastic bags to be modified again may not only used to express of the industry.

Back as plastic bags is small items, but significant, through here believe you also have a certain understanding.


FENGQI is the manufacturer of Tamper evident Security Bags, Packing List Envelope, Poly mailer, Bubble mailer. We was founded in 2005 as a manufacturer of polyethylene bags. The  Company has developed into a multi process converter.with a current focus on specialized tamper evident security packaging.

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