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Why do we need Security Packaging & Products?
Publisher: this time:2016-12-5 16:00:34

Why do we need Security Packaging & Products?

Tampering involves the deliberate altering or adulteration of information, a product, a package or system. Security features can be implemented in all phases of production, distribution, logistics, sales and use. No single solution can be considered as”tamper proof”. Often multiple levels of security need to be addressed to reduce the risk of tampering. Some considerations might include:

»Identify a potential offender and what level of knowledge, materials & tools they have.

»Improve the tamper resistance by making tampering more difficult and time-consuming.

»Add tamper evident features to help indicate the existence of tampering.

»Identify all feasible methods of unauthorized access into a product, package, or system. In addition to the primary means of entry, also consider secondary methods.

»Control or limit access to products or systems of interest.

»Educate people to watch for evidence of tampering.

Application: Police/Airlines/Racing/Education/Government/Foreign Currency Exchange/Casinos/Transport/Councils

What security level suits your needs?

Supreme Pack security products feature tamper evident indicators, divided into 4 categories.

These range from low-risk items such as courier and express satchels to high-risk items including police evidence bags and highly sensitive documentation.

Our team can help you select the right level of security product to suit your application.

Level 1: For low risk contents.

»Can be Natural (clear) or Co-Ex (opaque) material

»Has permanent closure, security side welds

»A printed design on closure may display evidence of tampering

»Example: Courier/mailer satchels

Level 2: For medium risk contents.

»Permanent closure

»Print on security side welds with scalloped edges

»Tamper evident tape – ‘Superior grade’ exposing VOID message

»Example: Banking satchels

Level 3: For high risk contents.

»Complies with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

»Extremely strong, tear-resistant coextruded transparent polyethylene

»Robust flat seam with micro print along the edge seals

»Tamper evident sealing to give irreversible evidence of tampering

»Strong carry-handle, even for heavy weights

»Example: STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) – such as Duty Free Bags

Level 4: Maximum security for high risk contents.

»Permanent closure

»Print on security side welds with scalloped edges

»Tamper evident tape – Premier grade with extreme temperature indicators

»“Fugitive Ink” indicating tampering with “wet” methods

»World class tamper evident tapes

»Example: Evidence bags

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